Mobility Scooters

We stock a wide range of mobility scooters, both new and used. When buying a scooter, it is important to consider which product is right for you. We want to ensure that we find the scooter best suited to you and your lifestyle. For this reason, we do not sell scooters online. When you visit us in-store, we will complete a full assessment of the requirements for the scooter. This includes where and how the scooter will be used, the distance required and your capabilities. All our scooters are available to test drive at no extra cost.

We have created a guide to our mobility scooters to help you decide what is right for you.

Please note that our full range of scooters is available to view in-store, this guide is designed to give you an idea of what is available to you.

Mobility Scooters

Car Transportable Scooters (Class 2)

Our most popular option! Car transportable scooters break down into five pieces to fit in the back of your car. Starting at £750 for a brand-new model, car transportable scooters are ideal for activities such as shopping, going into town, visiting parks and days out. There are various options available, including suspension, long-range batteries and upgrade packs. You can choose between a steel (regular) or aluminium (super-lightweight) frame. There is also the option to have either lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are super-light.

Motion Aura

21 mile range

Max user weight 22st
Aura - Motion Healthcare


Apex Rapid

Available in amber orange, black, blue, red, yellow & pink
Total weight 36.5kg (heaviest piece 17.75kg)
Weight capacity 21st 6lbs
Solid tyres YES
Suspension YES
Lead-acid battery (12 amp – 8.8kg, 18 amp – 13.4kg)
Steel frame
Range 8 miles or 12 miles

Travelux Tiempo

Available in silver, blue, orange and red
Total weight 48kg
Weight capacity 113kg (17 stone)
Solid tyres YES
Suspension NO
Lead acid battery 12AH
Steel frame
Range 10 miles

Folding Scooters Class 2

Folding scooters are a versatile option for those who need something transportable. A similar size to car transportable scooters, but instead of coming into five pieces, they either fold manually or via remote control. Folding scooters are ideal for holidays, cruises and travel and are also great for those who are short on space. Folding scooters must be lifted in one piece, so are heavier to lift in and out of the car than a car transportable scooter.

Automatic Folding Scooter

Folds or unfolds in 15 seconds via remote control
Available in red and blue
27.5kg total weight
Weight capacity 19st 7lbs
10 mile range
Lithium batteries
Airline friendly
Solid tyres

Pavement Scooters (Class 2)

A pavement scooter is limited to 4 mph for use on the pavement only. These scooters are ideal for those who do not need to transport the scooter in a car but do not require a scooter that goes on the road. These offer a greater level of comfort for the user than the car transportable alternatives, featuring bigger wheels, a larger seat and more legroom. Pavement scooters can be used to get around town, in and around shops and often have a much longer range than a car transportable scooter.

Revo 2.0

Available in blue and grey
Total weight 71.5kg (heaviest part 25.8kg)
Weight capacity 26st 7lbs
4mph maximum speed
20 mile range
Front and rear suspension
Comfort seat
Full LED light package
Under-seat storage
Disassembles into 5 pieces for transportation

Sapphire 2

Available in silver
Total weight 79kg (heaviest part 22.5kg)
Weight capacity 23 st 7 lbs
4mph maximum speed
19 mile range
Comfort seat
Full LED light package
Disassembles into 5 pieces for transportation

Pride Colt Plus

Available in 4,6 & 8 mph
Available in Candy Apple Red
Max user weight 25 st 158kg
25 mile range
Key Features:
• LED lighting set for safe travel at night
• Easy access tiller charging port
• High weight capacity for its class - 25 Stone
• Can come apart for transport
• Backlit battery gauge
• 25-mile* range
• Basket included

Kymco Comfy 4

Available in Gloss black and Sapphire blue
160kg/25st max user weight
25 mile range
Recline-able captain style seat with headrest
Up to 20/25 mile range
Standard soft touch delta tiller handlebars
Standard full lights and indicators
Sliding swivel seat
Alloy style wheels with low profile pneumatic tyres
Fully adjustable suspension system
LED lights and indicators
Front and rear bumpers
USB adaptor to connect your mobile devices
Front basket
Top speed 4 mph